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Kings Boutique Hotel Sky View


Beautiful Valley De Rio das Flores RJ

The Kings Boutique Hotel is a modern, luxurious hotel overlooking the mountains, perfect for a nature enthusiast, charming vacation in the enchanting setting of lush green valley Rio Das Flores.

We offer room service, 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi, and a Gym for our guests to stay healthy and comfortable.

The Kings Boutique Hotel has a high-fidelity Bose sound system in the living room, restaurant, pool area, and presidential suite.

The water all over the hotel goes through an advanced filtering system, with all the taps and showers being free of chlorine and impurities. In addition, the water for our kitchen consumption goes through another advanced filtering process known as reverse osmosis, thus ensuring extremely pure water.


Tucanos & Native Birds

Our hotel has palm trees and several other fruit trees that attract wild birds from the region as the toucans always visit us at dawn to feed on our pounds palm trees.

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Mulher, colheita, fruta
Maçãs caídas

Fruit Trees

Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Avocado, Uva, Papaya, Barbados, Cherry, Banana, Jabuticaba, Apple, and Strawberry are farmed in Rio das Flores.

Café da Manha

At Kings Boutique Hotel we serve a traditional coffee from the Café Valley region. Every good story is accompanied by a good coffee. And so, with a taste of memory and pleasure that Café Ferreira preserves all the tradition and taste of the true Café de Minas.

Since 1999 Cafeira Ferreira is dedicated to producing the best experiences for its customers, working in handmaps, with selected grains and 100% Arabida quality. The 100% Arabic coffee is more aromatic and presents lower acidity, which makes it very tasty and full bodied.

Nosso Café da Manha
mountain Bike

Rent A Bike

Kings Boutique Hotel offers several bike models for their guests to enjoy riding nearby.

The region of Flores has beautiful landscapes and perfect mountains for Mountain Bike Practice or enjoying riding over mountains.

Terrace  of kings boutique hotel

 Come and enjoy this incredible view of Kings Boutique Hotel & Rio das Flores

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