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Chapada Dos Veadeiros: All You Need To Know

Chapada dos Veadeiros, also known as Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, is a Brazilian region located in the state of Goiás. It's in the state's southwestern corner, situated between Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais. The region's most distinctive feature, the towering rock pinnacles, known as "chapés," has been naturally sculpted by water, giving the area a unique appearance.

Vale da Lua (Moon Valley), Segredo waterfall, Catarata dos Couros, Santa Barbara waterfall, and Saltos do Rio Preto are some of the most picturesque tourist attractions in Brazil located nearby Chapada dos Veadeiros.

The name Chapada meaning "table" or "plate," referred to the flatness of the mountain range in this park. There are numerous waterfalls in the area, most notably Cachoeira da Fumaça, which flow from the mountainside into the valleys below. That's why this area was historically known as Serra das Vertentes, which means "Slope of the Waterfalls."

Where To Go When Visiting Chapada Dos Veadeiros?

While at Chapada Dos Veadeiros, you must visit all the five areas below.

Vale da Lua (Moon Valley)

This is a tourist destination near the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. It is located in the municipality of Alto Paraiso de Goiás. A short hike from Chapada dos Veadeiros, this spot is certainly worth visiting for anyone visiting the area.

In addition to quartz, Moon Valley also has rock formations with varied shapes. You could describe this region as a series of sandstone rock formations that had been shaped by erosion over time. It creates a breathtaking view. Moreover, there are several trails that visitors can take to explore this natural formation.

Segredo Waterfall

It is located near the village of São Jorge in Chapada dos Veadeiros Brazil. And it is one of the most scenic waterfalls in this area. Further, it is the second-largest waterfall in the park after the Formoso waterfall. Segredo literally means "secret waterfall". It is because many people believe gold was found there, and this place has been kept secret. In addition, it is a 14km trail, crossing the rivers São Miguel and Segredo several times and reaching the 115m-high waterfall along the way.

Santa Barbara Waterfall

It is located just next door to Alto Paraíso de Goiás, a district full of great restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. Crystal-clear water flows from a spring at the top of the hill. Further, this waterfall is approximately 15 meters high. You can either walk up or hire a taxi service that can take you right up to it.

Catarata dos Couros

This waterfall is well-known for its beauty and height. With a height of about 75 meters, it offers a spectacular view.

Couros means "a lot of water". So, it's easy to imagine how much water cascades down the cliff. You can take a bus from Alto Paraiso, which takes around 30-40 minutes. Moreover, after arriving at the parking lot, you will have to walk 15 minutes to reach the waterfall.

Saltos dos Rio Preto

Saltos do Rio Preto (Black River Falls) is a scenic hike of 11 kilometers leading to a waterfall and valley. In the summer, the water is very cold and refreshing. You can drive there as well as walk. And it is about 15 minutes away from Alto Paraiso de Goias. You can also take a dip in the large stone pool that's located at the top of the waterfall.

Things To Do In Chapada dos Veadeiros

In Chapada dos Veadeiros, you can

  • Discover the stunning rock formations of Vale da Lua

  • Enjoy the sunset at Maytrea Garden. It's a beautiful landscape and a free place by the road.

  • Go on a hike to the Almécegas Waterfall. It can take quite a while to get there. But you will enjoy incredible views, swimming, and taking other trails to see other waterfalls such as Almecegas I and Sao Bento Waterfall.

  • Take Incredible Photos at Mirante da Janela. It offers the best postcard photo location in Chapada

  • Take a dip in the waters of Santa Barbara Waterfall

Where To Stay?

While exploring Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, visitors can stay in the following cities and towns: Alto Paraiso de Goias, São Jorge, Cavalcante, and Colinas do Sul. At different rates, all of these areas offer luxurious accommodation. But there are usually cheaper places in São Jorge than in Alto Paraiso. Anyhow, they can still be expensive when compared to other hostels in Brazil.

How To Get Chapada dos Veadeiros?

Even if you don't own a car, you can still visit Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. The most convenient option is to travel to Brasilia and rent a car there (since the park is an 8-hour bus ride from Brasilia). Besides it, you can use buses like VoaVale leaving from Brasilia. Another option is to take a Brasilia-bound bus from Goiania and ask them to take you to Alto Paraiso. But it will take a little longer than a VoaVale bus.


The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is well-organized, with numerous self-guided trails. The trails fluctuate in difficulty from simple to moderate, taking tourists to magnificent mountains, valleys, and waterfalls with little effort. The best way to experience all the incredible beauty of nature is to stay in a luxurious area. The Kings Boutique Hotel is the perfect accommodation to make your tour comfortable and unforgettable.


Q1. In which city is Chapada dos Veadeiros located?

Chapada dos Veadeiros is located in Alto Paraíso, in north-central Goiás state, Brazil. There is a National Park with a total size of 65,515 hectares. There are numerous beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and lakes in this park.

Q2. What is the best time of year to visit Chapada dos Veadeiros?

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is best enjoyed during the dry season. This can be between April and September. During the remaining months, there is a chance of rain, so one must avoid heavy rain to enjoy his tour.

Q3. What makes Veadeiros famous?

Located in Brazil, the Chapada dos Veadeiros is famous for a variety of flora, fauna, and geological formations, including mountains, valleys, etc.

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