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The Wonderous Christ the Redeemer City: History, Location, and Facts

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The Portuguese Cristo Redentor, also known as Christ the Redeemer statue, is a stunning 38-meter (98 ft) sculpture of Jesus Christ in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This statue of Christ stands on an 8-meter (26 ft) pedestal with arms stretched out. Rio de Janeiro has become a cultural icon; many refer to it as the "Christ the Redeemer City".

The famous Christ statue has become a monument close to the hearts of many Christians all over the world. Many Brazilians even believe that it serves as an ever-present guardian, looking over them. Perhaps its importance is best captured by its inclusion in the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Thus, it's no surprise that this colossal Redeemer statue draws in swarms of tourists each year. Are you looking forward to your trip to Christ the Redeemer City this year? Book your hotel room at Kings Boutique Hotel in Rio da Flores if you're looking for one day memorable trip from Rio de Janerio.

Christ the Redeemer History

The Christ the Redeemer history is rich. This famous statue in Brazil was erected between 1922 to 1931 and stands atop Mount Corcovado. The materials used were soapstone and reinforced concrete.

French sculptor Paul Landowski and Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa are the masterminds behind this magnificent 38-meter structure. They worked in close collaboration with others such as Gheorghe Leonida—in charge of constructing the face of Jesus Christ the Redeemer.

You'll be interested to know that while its construction began in 1922, an earlier proposal was rejected when the country became a secular republic. However, the second proposal was accepted in 1920 and garnered the support and donations of Brazilian Catholics.

The original design depicted a Christian cross and a statue of Jesus Christ holding a globe in his hands. The pedestal represents the world. Today this statue towers over the Christ the Redeemer city as a symbol of peace and unity.

Christ the Redeemer Location

In this section, we'll be discussing the scenic Christ the Redeemer location. As we've mentioned before, the monument calls the Christ the Redeemer city its home. Rio de Janeiro is one of Brazil's largest and most populated cities. The city is on the east coast. The city is a breathtaking combination of urbanization and nature. Despite its metropolitan status, the Christ Redeemer City has managed to retain its serene parks. One such example is Tijuca Park, where this spectacular Brazilian Christ statue is.

The park runs along the Atlantic Coast and compasses different terrains. This includes mountains, too. The statue of Christ stands on the Corcovado mountain. This is a popular tourist spot because of the statue and because this mountain offers a view of the city and the east coast.

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Christ the Redeemer Statue: Facts & Trivia

RJ, or Christ the Redeemer City, is home to one of the glorious Wonders of the World. You might think you know all there is to know about this astounding monument. We're listing some fun facts and trivia down below. If you're still on the fence about visiting RJ, you'll want to after reading these!

Interesting Christ the Redeemer Statue Facts:

Fact #1: It's Protected by the Government:

In 2010, the statue fell victim to graffiti artists who wrote over its surface. The then-mayor, Eduardo Paes, declared defacing the monument a crime against the nation to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Fact #2: The Statue is a Weather Hazard:

Did you know that because of its impressive height, the Brazillian statue of Christ is prone to lightning strikes? On average, this landmark gets around 3 to 6 times a year. In fact, in 2014, lightning struck and broke off the statue's thumbs.

Fact #3: It May Contain Hidden Messages:

The monument was created using reinforced concrete and covered with about 6 million soap tiles. Some believe that the worker who placed these tiles wrote notes on the back. Thus, there is a chance the icon is covered with hidden messages.

Fact #4: It's Impacted the Real Estate Market in RJ:

Homes are typically more expensive if they have a view of the Rio de Janeiro statue. Houses and apartments that offer even a slight view of the structure are higher than those (in the same location) without the view.

Fact #5: It's a Huge Tourist Spot:

We already know that it's a great tourist attraction, but did you know that the Redeemer Statue is visited by nearly 2 million people each year. They broke a record in 20211 when almost 14000 people visited on Easter.

Christ the Redeemer Height: How Tall is it Really?

The Redeemer statue in Brazil stands tall at nearly 38 meters. That translates to 98 feet. This lands the monument at a spot on the list of the biggest statues in the world. Thus, the statue is only a couple of meters shorter than the Statue of Liberty.


If you're thinking of touring Brazil, make sure the Christ the Redeemer city is at the top of your list. Not only does this city by the coast offer a chance to spend languid afternoons at the beach, but you can also immerse yourself in rich cultural heritage.

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Why is Christ the Redeemer a wonder?

The Christ the Protector statue in Brazil is one of the seven wonders because a panel of experts felt it qualified to be nominated. This was the result of the committee's pre-determined parameters. In addition to this, a public of 1 million people voted to add the statue to the list.

Why was Christ the Redeemer built?

The Catholic Christian majority funded and built Christ the Redeemer. According to speculation, the community built this structure in response to rising atheism in the city in the 1920s. However, many historians suggest that the idea of a Christian monument being placed was suggested back in the 1850s.

Which city is famous for a mountaintop statue of Christ the Redeemer?

Christ the Redeemer is in Rio de Janeiro. The construction took about 9 years. Reinforced concrete and soap tiles were primarily used in the erection of this monument.

Over the years, the monument has become emblematic, not only for the people of Rio de Janeiro but also for the nation of Brazil.

What is the story behind the Jesus statue in Rio?

The community built Cristo Redentor to combat the perceived lack of religious faith in Brazil. More specifically, in Rio de Janeiro. The Christian community believed that placing a massive statue atop a mountain would remind people of the peaceful message of Jesus.

Is the statue in Rio of Jesus?

Yes. The structure is a depiction of Jesus Christ. Many Christians across the globe see it as a symbol of peace and faith. Initially, the design depicted Jesus holding a cross in one hand and a globe in the other. However, this was later changed to the "arms-wide-open" stance that the statue has today.

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