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Rio Das Flores hotel Pool with Bar

Your Safety at Kings Boutique Hotel

Kings Boutique Hotel in Rio das Flores is an epitome of leisure and comfort combined with a proactive approach towards Covid -19. We have implemented strict control protocols that adhere to all the Covid-19 regulations set by the Brazilian Government and local authorities in Rio Das Flores.


We have taken care of all the cleaning, health and safety requirements for your convenience. The following precautions are initiated at Kings Boutique Hotel to make your stay pleasant and carefree. 

At Kings Boutique Hotel, We Care.

Your safety is our main concern. Travelling can make you vulnerable to all types of foreign pathogens. As you enter the Kings Boutique, you will be given proper care according to the Government’s Covid-19 regulations.

​Vaccinated Staff

Our staff is fully vaccinated. It is optional to wear face masks while interacting with the staff, but you can enjoy your stay at the Kings Boutique without worry if you feel comfortable with their vaccination status.

Reduced In-Person Contact

To reduce in-person, the hotel has changed its policies to provide you with:

  1. Introduction of contactless check-in/check-out.

  2. Cashless payments.

  3. Strict adherence to physical distancing rules.

  4. Mobile app for room service

Sanitized Bars and Pool Sides

To prevent the spread of Covid 19 in open spaces, we clean all the countertops and poo with disinfectants.


Keeping You Healthy throughout your Stay

We prioritize the health of all our customers by providing the following services:


  • Sanitizers
    All the entry points in the Kings Boutique are equipped with sanitizers and masks. 

  • Medications
    We keep a fresh stock of medications and a first aid kit in case of an emergency.

Cleanliness across the Premises

Cleanliness is vital when it comes to warding off Covid-19. We have a fixed schedule for cleaning out all the rooms once a day.

  • Fresh Towels
    Each customer receives a fresh set of towels upon arrival. If you don’t feel comfortable with one set for some reason, you can ask for an extra set.


  • Bed Linen Replacement
    We replace all the bed linen each morning and give your room a fresh look with a new set of clean sheets. You can request a sheet replacement whenever you require, and the hotel staff will comply.

  • Kitchen
    All the utensils used in the kitchen are properly cleaned before use. Our chefs follow strict Covid-19 regulations before entering the kitchen by wearing spotless uniforms and sanitizing their hands before touching any food items.

  • Bathrooms
    We conduct a deep cleanse in each bathroom by washing and drying all the vulnerable spots. We provide sanitizers, soaps, toothpaste and a new set of towels in your bathroom on your arrival.

Mandatory Restrictions

We believe in offering the most comfortable experience for all our clients. We expect you to follow  the following rules for your health and safety:

  • Keep An Appropriate Distance
    When waiting in the lobby, make sure you keep an appropriate distance from others.

  • Use Masks In Community Rooms
    It is optional to use masks when people interact in community spaces.

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