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The 10 Most Beautiful Islands to Visit in Brazil

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

There is little that compares to the excitement of hopping onto a boat and escaping into the unknown. Brazil has a very diverse landscape and, luckily for us, is not short of breathtaking islands.

Whether it is rolling sand dunes, lunar landscapes, natural pools, cascading waterfalls, or emerald waters, the islands in Brazil never fail to take our breath away. From Lencois Maranhenses National Park to Iguazu falls and the Vale de Lua, Brazil is not short of spectacular places to visit.

The islands in Brazil are as diverse as their landscapes. On our escapades into the Brazilian landscapes. We are sure to stumble upon Caribbean-style islands with white sands and bright blue waters. In addition to that, we might also find ourselves in never-ending wetlands surrounded by water.

Brazil's beautiful islands are sure to keep us entertained while we escape into the unknown. Follow us for a beguiling journey into the unknown and help us unravel the mystery of Brazil's top ten best holiday islands in Brazil.

Snake Island, Brazil (Ilha da Queimada Grande)

Snake Island, Brazil (Ilha da Queimada Grande)

Ilha da Queimada Grande translates to “Snake Island” and the name itself is terrifying enough to induce goosebumps. This island in Brazil contains the world's deadliest and most venomous snakes anywhere in the world. Ilha da Queimada Grande is located approximately 90 miles off the Sao Paulo coast.

Almost every Brazilian knows of the island but very few would ever think of stepping foot on it. Between 2000 to 4000 Golden Lancehead Vipers fully infest this island. These vipers are one of the deadliest in the world. The venom is so potent that it kills a grown person an hour.

Various tales of death and carnage revolve around the island. People tell tales of entire families becoming victims to the world's deadliest vipers. The island is lush green with rolling hills and breathtaking imagery but many claims that this façade hides deadly secrets.

The Brazilian government strictly controls and monitor visits to this island. Some people may receive special passes for research or other academic purposes. The official requirement states to bring along a doctor even then, to treat any unforeseen accidents.

Paquetá Island in Brazil

Paquetá Island in Brazil

Located in Rio de Janeiro, this island is situated in the middle of Guanabara Bay. Paquetá Island Brazil used to be a fashionable place during the early 20th century. Brazil's upper class used to travel here and have tea parties and spend lavish weekends.

Paquetá Island Brazil is an extremely serene place to stroll about and have a wonderful time with your family. The entire town on the island was built during the early 20th century. The island is beautifully landscaped and there are many cozy places to eat and relax.

The opportunity to enjoy nature while eating food from an outdoor local restaurant is something we should definitely not miss. Visitors can rent a bike, arrange an outdoor picnic, and swim at the calm beaches. This is definitely one of the best holiday islands in Brazil.

Ilha Grande Brazil

Ilha Grande Brazil  Islands to Visit in Brazil

Ilha Grande island is located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This island remained undeveloped for almost a century. It was closed by the Brazilian government. The reason for the free movement ban was that the island used to house a leper colony and then a maximum-security prison. The prison was closed in 1994. The island houses a village called Vila do Abraao which has around 1900 inhabitants.

The tours in Ilha Grande island features an extremely beautiful landscape, diverse flora and fauna, unspoiled beaches, luxurious vegetation, and a handsomely rugged landscape. Visitors can hike and stay at any of the numerous lodgings scattered throughout the beach.

Florianopolis Island Brazil

Florianopolis Island Brazil

Island Florianopolis is another one of the best islands in Brazil has recently come under the spotlight for being one of the cleanest beaches we can visit. Alongside clean beaches, the island offers incredible infrastructure, making for a lovely sightseeing activity.

The island consists of beautiful beaches, diverse flora and fauna, vibrant city life, and lots of activities for the tourists to enjoy. There is extreme regard for general safety, and visitors need not worry about swindling.

Florianópolis Island is known as the "Magic Island" by visitors due to its beautiful aura. Half of this coastal city is part of the mainland, and the other half is known as Santa Catarina Island.

The island composes of lush forests, dense hilly jungles, and dazzling waterfalls all around. The myriad of activities and sports offered makes this one of the most popular islands in Brazil to visit.

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha in Brazil is an island in a league of its own. Its sheer brilliance lies in the fact that this island is actually a submerged volcanic formation. How brilliant is that? This island lies 350 km (271 miles) off Brazil's northeast coast and is an amalgamation of twenty-one islands altogether.

The island features a picturesque landscape with white beaches, turquoise waters, stunning rock backdrops, and diverse flora and fauna. Visitors will enjoy lounging on these beautiful sandy beaches, swimming in the ethereal waters, and basking in the never-ending glow of the sun.

Despite its apparent charm and fame in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is expensive. Therefore, that makes it exclusive to those who can afford the trip to Fernando de Noronha Brazil.

Furthermore, only a set number of people can embark on a journey to the island each day. Potential tourists need to keep these things in mind before traveling to Noronha.

Honey Island Brazil (Ilha do Mel)

Honey Island Brazil (Ilha do Mel)

Another Brazil island is Ilha do Mel. This quiet island is located off the coast of Parana and houses some of Brazil's most pristine beaches. The island consists of rustic trails and the absence of roads gives off a true feeling of being cut off from the world.

The entire island is shaped like an hourglass and catches the sun in all the right ways. People who enjoy lounging in the sun, basking in its wonderous glow will find this island to be the most enticing.

The island welcomes visitors with open arms and an inviting aura. Visitors can explore the ecological reserves, the brilliance of the diverse wildlife, and swim in the surrounding waters.

Ilhabela Island in Brazil

Ilhabela Island in Brazil

This stunning island is located on the coast of Sao Paulo. Ilhabela Island Brazil is very popular among the locals and visitors alike. Approximately 35% of the island is a fully preserved tropical rainforest. The dense and lush vegetation alone is cause for visiting one of nature's greatest triumphs.

The island invites visitors to partake in a wide variety of activities. There is scuba diving, trekking into the dense jungle, visiting waterfalls, and going surfing. Most visitors prefer diving into the turquoise waters or walking leisurely along the long stretches of the beach. Whatever your personal preference, a visit to Ilhabela Island Brazil is a must for every adventurer.

Ilha do Campeche

Ilha do Campeche

This island is located approximately 1250 m southeast of Brazil and has immense archeological value because of the numerous paintings we find across it. What makes this one of our favorite islands in Brazil is its sand is white, and the water is suspiciously cold for such a tropical climate. The calm waters make it a perfect swimming pool for the little ones. The water houses rich marine life and makes for a great view for those who like to scuba dive.

Additionally, the island is home to exotic animals such as the coatis and the Brazilian tanagers (a bird species almost driven to extinction). The island also houses twenty-one archeological sites that visitors can visit by walking on trails throughout the island. Besides the common activities people indulge in on the beach, visitors can also enjoy some quiet time and solitude on its shores.

Santa Catarina Island Brazil

Santa Catarina Island Brazil

Ilha de Santa Catarina offers all the beauty of Brazil to us on a platter. Located in the state of Catarina on the southern coast, the island is as beautiful and mysterious as its name. The island is not big (424 square kilometers).

Despite its modest size, the island proudly houses over 40 beaches! How amazing is that? The beaches are all pristine and offer a myriad of activities that visitors can enjoy.

Tourists can surf, swim in the surrounding waters, soak in the sun, eat to their heart's content in some of the cutest restaurants in the world. Of all the islands in Brazil, Santa Catarina is well worth a visit.

Tinhare Island (Ilha de Tinharé)

islands in Brazil: Tinhare

This picturesque island is located in Cairu, on the coast of Brazil. Tinhare Island Brazil houses around five rural villages. The sandy beaches seem to stretch on for miles as the sense of solitude hits us like a dull thud.

The streets of the small towns across the island are lined with palm trees giving us a glimpse into the calmness and serenity of the island. The park features an extensive range of bars and restaurants that travelers can visit and kick back in. There are other activities such as boating, sailing, and trekking for tourists to enjoy.


Islands in Brazil attract thousands of tourists every day to their spectacular sites and clear water. However, if going to the island side is not something you’re looking for, you can always relax at our Kings Boutique Hotel located in Rio Das Flores.

Surrounded by lush green valleys, it will become a truly refreshing experience for you. We’re an all-inclusive hotel with a pool, a bar, and a 24/7 gym.


Q1. How many islands are in Brazil?

Ans: Brazil is home to 30 of the most beautiful islands in the world, which includes parties, private and beautiful islands. Some of these Islands are called Tinhare, Santa Catarina, Marajo, etc.

Q2. Which is the largest island in Brazil?

Ans: Marajo Island is the largest delta Island located in the state of Para, Brazil. The island is 183 miles long and 124 miles wide. It attracts thousands of tourists every day who visit Marajo for its clear water and beautiful beaches.

Q3. Where is this beautiful island in Brazil?

Ans: Marajo Island is located in Para, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro lies on a long strip of Brazil's Atlantic coast and has numerous beautiful islands. It is linked to the state of Belem by a ferry route. In addition, there are islands near Rio de Janeiro.

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